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Pocket Era is a non-official game that’s set in the Pokemon saga where you have to build and expand your Pokemon farm while you overcome challenges and earn the resources you need to keep your farm growing.

The main objective of the game is to build structures and enhance your creatures. You can collect, improve and ultimately evolve your Pokemon. You can also create teams of up-to-three members in order to combat during the different missions that you have to face.

Your adventures are controlled by the artificial intelligence and are turn-based combats against your enemies. Unlike the original games, the battles are team-based, and you get to choose the object you want to attack and the type of skill you want to use each round.

Pocket Era is an interesting game that may not be an official, but it includes outstanding visuals and a gameplay that’s interesting enough to be considered one an original one.

Android 4.3 or greater is required

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